Thanksgiving Italian Soup – Allergy friendly

A leftover – based soup! I make some form of this soup multiple times each year. It’s a great way to use leftover turkey (or chicken) in a way that is pretty distinct from the typical “Thanksgiving Day leftovers” taste. I love throwing it all in a slow cooker, but it works just as well in a pot simmering on the stovetop. Its fantastic when you’re on a gluten free diet – and you know the ingredients going into this are gf (or free from whatever allergens you are sensitive to). This is my youngest’s favorite soup! The strong flavors of the fennel and fennel seed, coupled with the olives and turkey, really knock it out of the park for him.


Gentle reminder: when combining leftovers for another meal, make sure all your leftovers meet your specific dietary requirements before you add them in.

I am not using exact measurements here- this is a pretty simple soup and wonderfully versatile to fit your tastes (and pantry), and very forgiving. Just add what you love!

Leftover turkey (or chicken)
Leftover vegetables and/or a few cans of vegetables (I use whole pitted black olives, mushrooms, stewed or diced tomatoes, corn, green beans, quartered artichoke hearts. The olives and chokies I typically make sure to add plenty of)
Fresh vegetables – celery, onion, and my favorite for this, a sliced fennel bulb
Broth (or water if you have no broth, but be sure to let it cook longer to really flavor the liquid)
Italian herbs (basil, oregano, and the signature herb for this, fennel seed)
A pinch or two of salt and pepper to taste

Throw in the slow cooker and heat on low for a few hours, or simmer on the stove.

Some option ideas: If you don’t like the strong flavors of fennel, then swap it out for other vegetables. Add some green chiles and cumin to spice it up and take it from Italian to more of a tex-mex flavor! You can also add cooked sausage for a different flavor – I think the fennel seed still works well for that.

This is a pretty flexible basic soup. I love to keep it hot and ready on holiday weekends, to warm up family coming inside from the cold or to welcome unexpected visitors. Enjoy!

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!
~glutenvygirl xo

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