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Roasted Garlic Potatoes With Bacon


I love roasted potatoes! Garlic is an obsession for me. And I love bacon, of course. So when my son recently suggested adding bacon to my side dish staple of roasted garlic red potatoes, I was all over that. He helped with the prep as well, sweet boy. I love hearing his creative ideas and working together to turn them into reality! Continue reading the story "Roasted Garlic Potatoes With Bacon"

Basics How-To: Roasting Garlic



If you already know how to roast garlic, then merrily skip on past this post of mine. I use roasted garlic in so many recipes. So so many. If you've never roasted garlic, or you simply want step-by-step how-to instructions on roasting this marvelous member of the allium family, then read on, dear soon-to-be-enlightened reader! Roasted garlic tastes Continue reading the story "Basics How-To: Roasting Garlic"