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Beef Lettuce Wraps



It was just last month that, thanks to some rave reviews by one of my fave bloggers over at Gracefully Gluten Free, I tried PF Chang's GF Lettuce Wraps. They were fantastic, so this weekend I decided to try to replicate them. This isn't an exact copy; I'm not sure that I could if I tried. Continue reading the story "Beef Lettuce Wraps"

Chorizo Stuffed Peppers! Guest Blog 3 by Joe’s Primal Scream


Hi! I am sitting in the airport, waiting to board the plane to head to the conference and expo. As the remodel of my blog continues (can't you just hear the loud sounds of the jackhammers?!), I have another guest blog post for you. This one comes from my friend Joe over at Joe's Primal Scream. I'm super excited that he's chosen this recipe Continue reading the story "Chorizo Stuffed Peppers! Guest Blog 3 by Joe’s Primal Scream"

Roast with winter vegetables in slow cooker


20120120-193538.jpg I love winter vegetables, and the ease of throwing them into a slow cooker in the morning with a beef roast and basically not having to worry about dinner. I started with some assorted vegetables. NOTE: This is an easy way to test out a new vegetable - by including it in a dish that is familiar to your Continue reading the story "Roast with winter vegetables in slow cooker"