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Bacon-wrapped chicken & chokes


20131102-211257.jpg I LOVE fair food. With a passion. Unfortunately, most fair food is not gluten free. Recently while on a girls' trip to a fair, we discovered these tiny little yummy pieces of fair food perfection - and gluten free to boot! **NOTE: most fair food, even if gf naturally, is fried in the same oil as gluten-loaded chicken sticks Continue reading the story "Bacon-wrapped chicken & chokes"

Hosting a wedding without a hitch


Well. There actually was a hitch...but it was the happy kind. 20111213-135224.jpg

I've had my hands full lately! One of my husband's employees was planning a wedding. He and his bride-to-be wanted a small personal ceremony. The date was set, rings and license purchased and all of that. Unfortunately, the wedding location fell through, and so I Continue reading the story "Hosting a wedding without a hitch"