Simple Buttery GF Basil-Parm Roasted Garlic Pasta



Anellini pasta. Isn’t it cute?

Today, I am sharing a buttery gluten free pasta recipe with you. But first? Let me tell you about my kitchen screw up last night.

Sometimes things just go wrong. Very very wrong.

I spent hours yesterday preparing dinner for my family. I was pretty proud, as I’ve developed a cold since returning home from the food blogger conference in Chicago but I was sucking it up and getting back into the swing of things here. Roasted the garlic first. Baked up some gluten free bread. Made homemade mashed potatoes to bake right before serving. Created a simple fresh GF pasta recipe. Threw together chocolate coconut ice cream (similar to this one I often make, with the addition of coconut milk) in my mixer. Oh, and a pork roast.

And not just any pork roast.

A pork roast that I had carefully thawed in the refrigerator a day ahead (we often get meats in bulk, whole or half animals processed and frozen). I then removed the paper wrappings and plastic wrapping and lovingly rubbed the freshly roasted garlic into the top and coated with cracked black pepper, covered it and then returned it to the fridge for a few more hours. Turned the oven on and slow baked that baby for hours.

I had it all planned out. The timing was stellar. Everything would be ready for dinner and the ice cream would be just hitting the ripening stage at the end of dinner. As I smugly plated up the pasta (congratulating myself on such impeccable timing), my husband began to slice the roast.

The roasted garlic and black pepper came off in one large sheet of melted crumbled plastic. He held it between two fingers, looking at me quizzically. “Huh?” My dad would have called it the RCA Dog look.

I’d apparently overlooked the second wrapping of plastic. Not only overlooked it, but I’d seasoned and rubbed the heck out of it.

I blame my not noticing the stench of melting plastic earlier on my stuffy nose.

I blame overlooking the plastic on sheer stupidity.

So there you have it.

Instead of sharing with you what might’ve been a fabulous pork roast recipe featuring a paste of roasted garlic and fresh cracked black pepper roasted in a slow oven, I believe I’ll share the pasta dish.

Oh. One more thing. My husband tasted the roast. He said it was delicious. I’m not taking his word for it, because I find his preferences kinda suspect*. After all, he voluntarily eats things that have plastic melted into them!

*He also drinks coffee with grounds stirred into it instead of brewed when that’s what his non-coffee-drinking new wife serves him, so there is that (he was so relieved when I bought a Keurig). He’s a good guy.

One of the dishes that actually turned out truly delectable (and plastic-free!):

GF Basil-Parm Roasted Garlic Pasta

(amounts of your choosing – this is a simple dish with few ingredients)

Small pasta or rice of your choice
Fresh basil, chopped
Roasted garlic cloves (learn how to roast garlic here)
Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese, grated
Salt & Pepper

I used GF anellini pasta from Da Luciano’s, an amazing Italian restaurant in Chicago. Here are a few photos of the delectable GF food I had there.

Cook pasta according to directions. Drain. Return to heat and add butter. I used about 4T butter to 8 dry oz of pasta. Stir as it melts.
Add in roasted garlic – I used a whole head, fresh chopped basil, and grated Parmigiano. Stir. Add in a bit of salt and pepper to taste; I used about 1/2 teaspoon each. Garnish with a basil leaf, if desired. Serve.


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8 Responses to Simple Buttery GF Basil-Parm Roasted Garlic Pasta

  1. Genie had this to say about that:

    This recipe looks wonderful! I have to try it soon.

  2. Sophie had this to say about that:

    Your pasta sounds so wonderful & looks amazingly tasty too! :) Yum Yum Yum!

  3. Anita had this to say about that:

    I am up, it's like 1:30am, and I am thinking about making this! This really looks like it could put me into a food coma. 

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  5. Ashley had this to say about that:

    Oh no! On the bright side, your blog redesign looks amazing! And that pasta looks super tasty.

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