Roasted Garlic Potatoes With Bacon


I love roasted potatoes! Garlic is an obsession for me. And I love bacon, of course. So when my son recently suggested adding bacon to my side dish staple of roasted garlic red potatoes, I was all over that. He helped with the prep as well, sweet boy. I love hearing his creative ideas and working together to turn them into reality!


We started by halving the small red potatoes and placing them into a baking dish. Then, in went a small sliced sweet onion. We added a full head of garlic with the outer paper skin removed and the top sliced off. Seasoning was simple – kosher salt, black pepper, and parsley. Then, two slices of uncooked bacon was added in bits and pieces, sprinkled over the dish. Kitchen shears made quick work of turning the slices into smaller bits. And then we baked it uncovered at 400F for about 50 minutes, stirring halfway through the bake time.

Small red potatoes
Small onion
Head of garlic
Two slices uncooked bacon, cut into pieces
Salt & Pepper

So so simple. So very delicious. The bacon infused the potatoes with that smoky bacon flavor and fat as it cooked. The roasted garlic was served by the clove or two on each plate.

Ready for the oven:

And on the plate, with roasted garlic:


~glutenvygirl xoxo

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7 Responses to Roasted Garlic Potatoes With Bacon

  1. Gracietherosie had this to say about that:

    This picture literally has me drooling. Making. Tonight. YUM!

  2. Louis Bruno had this to say about that:

    This recipe has proven its worthiness of being gluten free and a family special! It has been made several times since you first released its debut. The garlic is a great touch alongside the bacon! Keep the recipes coming as I will send some of my own for you to test and try to submit to your website. Thank you!

  3. Cindy (Vegetarian Mamma) had this to say about that:

    YUMMY! I hope that your summer has been great, not its back to school :( I’d like to invite you to link up over at my blog in two areas! I wanted to invite you to link up your recipe at our Gluten Free Fridays Recipe Link up party! It happens every Friday and we’d love to have you join us with some of your awesome recipes! You can find this week’s link up here:
    Also be sure to link up your blog on our Gluten Free Bloggers directory. You can reach the directory by clicking the “glutenfree bloggers” tab on our blog! Thanks, Cindy :)

  4. The Local Traveler had this to say about that:

    This looks so good. Potato and garlic are my two favorite things.

  5. Giovanna had this to say about that:

    This is a wonderful recipe. I love roasted potatoes and garlic too! :)

  6. Deb Witt had this to say about that:

    Sounds and looks delicious! A little bacon (and the garlic) takes even the most humble of veggies to gourmet status. I can almost smell the roasted garlic!

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