Roasted Garlic Potatoes With Bacon


I love roasted potatoes! Garlic is an obsession for me. And I love bacon, of course. So when my son recently suggested adding bacon to my side dish staple of roasted garlic red potatoes, I was all over that. He helped with the prep as well, sweet boy. I love hearing his creative ideas and working together to turn them into reality!


We started by halving the small red potatoes and placing them into a baking dish. Then, in went a small sliced sweet onion. We added a full head of garlic with the outer paper skin removed and the top sliced off. Seasoning was simple – kosher salt, black pepper, and parsley. Then, two slices of uncooked bacon was added in bits and pieces, sprinkled over the dish. Kitchen shears made quick work of turning the slices into smaller bits. And then we baked it uncovered at 400F for about 50 minutes, stirring halfway through the bake time.

Small red potatoes
Small onion
Head of garlic
Two slices uncooked bacon, cut into pieces
Salt & Pepper

So so simple. So very delicious. The bacon infused the potatoes with that smoky bacon flavor and fat as it cooked. The roasted garlic was served by the clove or two on each plate.

Ready for the oven:

And on the plate, with roasted garlic:


~glutenvygirl xoxo

Cheesy Tuna Casserole like Mom used to make…



…only different.

This is a very cheesy, very mushroomy tuna casserole.

But first, the backstory. I kind of lucked out in the mom department. And I’m kind of kicking myself for not thinking of posting this recipe and story for Mother’s Day. Why do I always get the best ideas after the fact?

Mom and I, either a blink in time or a longlonglong time ago, depending on who you ask.


I lucked out in the parent department altogether actually, but that is another story. One I’ll save to be fashionably late for Father’s Day perhaps.

My mom is one amazing lady. She truly is. I consider her one of the smartest women I’ve ever known – and I know a lot of smart women. When my brother and I were growing up, she worked full time, attending all our sports activities and games, rising before the sun was up every day to make sure we were up and fed and ready, keeping everyone’s schedules straight, getting us ready for the next camping trip that seems always around the corner during the summers, and was acting referee to the fights about whose turn it was in the front seat.

By the time I graduated, my brother and I got along pretty well.


And, did I mention that Dad was military and for much of my childhood he went “out in the field” for a week at a time? He’d come home for a few days and then go again.

When he was home, we’d do fun family things like camping out in the mountains, trips to the lake, play catch, visit TCBY…and then there was that time that he taught us kids to load the dishwasher. Like it was a fun thing. And we believed him. TCBY *way* beats the dishwasher. That may also be why in my house we have two dishwashers – one for each kid. Cause, see Dad? I am generous, and conscious of sibling issues and space. They each get their own!

But back to Mom.

She managed to do it all, and with a smile to boot. She also somehow convinced us that our favorite at-home meal was tuna casserole; and so it became so. Or maybe we really did love it as it was – to this day, it is one of the ultimate comfort foods for me. Years later, I realized how super easy it was to make – she used egg noodles, a can of cream of mushroom soup, canned tuna fish, and some cheddar. Sometimes she’d try to add some icky veggies, but that just messed it up in my (very picky) opinion.

So. I present this recipe in homage to that favorite simple weeknight dinner in my memory, that my brother and I loved so very much. Mom’s easy tuna casserole. My way.

For starters, I made it with gluten free pasta. Then? I found that the one national brand of GF Cream of Mushroom soup was nowhere to be found in a couple hour radius. Honestly this wasn’t too big a blow for me since in my pre-GF adult life I tended to turn my nose up at standard C of M canned gloppy soups. Plus, I make a pretty incredible GF Cream of a mushroom soup. And by incredible, I mean ahhhhmaaaazing. You can find that recipe here.

After that, it was simple. I do the mushrooms my way (hellllllooo again my darling shiitakes) and use fusilli pasta (someday I want to make GF egg noodles…or, really, any GF pasta. It’s a goal of mine). Other than that, it’s plain simple easy. I kept this recipe relatively simple because, well, THIS IS THE BEST WAY TO MAKE TUNA CASSEROLE.

(My husband suggests that I should mention here that I provide only the basic recipe so that my dear readers can customize and add to it if they wish as they see fit…but I’m totally not going to do that, because that would be a bold faced lie. It is perfect AS IS. My way is the best way. Trust me!)

And yes. I recognize the irony of changing my favorite recipe from Mom and then saying that MY version is the best. But I’m allowed to do that. It’s kinda like how I felt about my brother growing up – I could torment him to tears all I wanted, but no one else better even DARE think about bugging him. I can change the *perfect* Mom casserole recipe, and still wind up with the *perfect* casserole. Watch me.

So here we go.

Cheesy Tuna Casserole – Gluten Free

1 C chopped onion
1 T butter
1 C chopped mushrooms (I used shiitake)
1 clove of garlic, minced
1 tsp dried thyme
Package of GF pasta (I used 8oz Da Luciano Fusilli)
1 1/2 C Cream of Mushroom soup
2 5oz cans of tuna, drained
1 C + 1 C cheddar, shredded

Preheat oven to 350 F. Cook onions in butter over medium heat until translucent. Add mushrooms and cook until they release their liquid and cook a bit. Add garlic and thyme and cook for a minute, then remove from heat.
Meanwhile, boil pasta according to directions. Drain and put pasta back into the pot. Add onion mushroom mix, tuna, and soup. Add one cup of the cheddar and stir in.

Prep casserole dish. Pour casserole into it and top with the remaining cup of shredded cheddar. Bake until hot and melty, about ten minutes.
Serve and enjoy! And fine, fine, fine…change it to suit your own tastes. If you must.

You can check out Mom’s new blog here.

Review: Kinnikinnick Maple Glazed Donuts GF



Maple donuts. It’s been ages since I’ve had one; maple has always been my favorite flavor. I noticed these Kinnikinnick Maple Glazed donuts in the gluten free frozen foods section the other day and just had to try them.

My son thought that I purchased them only for him, silly kid. He prefers their chocolate flavor variety. Myself? I prefer the maple ones. Of course.

These denser donuts most closely resembles a cake-like donut in texture and flavor, with icing. They are best stored in the freezer, as they have no preservatives. We microwaved them for a bit until the glaze was hot.

Ingredients are free of artificial flavorings/colorings and include sugar, corn, rice flours, tapioca starch, and xanthan gum, and egg.

In general I tend to shy away from sugary breakfast foods for my family, but these definitely fit the bill for a quick special treat! Enjoy!

Beef Lettuce Wraps



It was just last month that, thanks to some rave reviews by one of my fave bloggers over at Gracefully Gluten Free, I tried PF Chang’s GF Lettuce Wraps. They were fantastic, so this weekend I decided to try to replicate them. This isn’t an exact copy; I’m not sure that I could if I tried. I used what I had on hand, and it turned out fantastic. These are delicious gluten free beef lettuce wraps. And? The prep time is so quick- these truly take about the same about of time to make as taco night. You brown beef, add onions and mushrooms, add some seasoning, puff the rice noodles, and prep the lettuce shells and the sauces. NOTE: you could also use chicken, or even firm tofu.

The most fun? Taking the dry rice noodles and throwing them into hot oil and watching them instantly “pop” into puffs. My kids LOVED this. The oil takes some time to heat, but the noodles take just a second to puff (once the oil is hot enough).

This is super easy to make. I promise!

For wraps:
1 lb ground beef
1/2 of an onion
4 oz of shiitake mushrooms (or mushrooms of your choice)
2 T Tamari or soy sauce
1 T hoisin sauce
1/4 C water
2 garlic cloves, minced
1/4 tsp dried oregano
1/2 tsp cornstarch
Thin rice noodles
Oil for frying
Iceberg lettuce

For topping sauces:
Your choice of amount for each
Tamari sauce
Hoisin sauce
Hot chili sauce
Wasabi sauce


Brown hamburger and as it cooks crumble it pretty finely. As it browns, chop the onion and the mushrooms. When browned, add the onion and mushrooms and stir frequently; you want to onions to become translucent and the mushrooms to release their liquids.

While that is cooking, stir up the main sauce – the Tamari, hoisin, water, garlic, oregano, and cornstarch – and set aside.

When the beef mixture is ready, remove from heat and stir in the main sauce you just made. Cover and set aside.


Heat frying oil (I used canola, but you can use any frying oil you prefer. I want to try coconut oil next time) until very hot. If you hold a long dry noodle partway into the oil, the noodle submerged should puff up immediately when it is hot enough. Break pasta into smaller pieces (3 inches or so) and drop into oil. Immediately remove noodles from oil and let dry on a paper towel.

Watch how quickly the noodles fry (and pardon the exclamations of glee from my sons) here.


Prep your topping sauces. I used (all GF): Tamari (soy sauce), hoisin sauce, hot chili sauce, and wasabi sauce.

At the table, we mix the sauces into the soy sauce cup and stir to create a unique spicy sauce. This is what I loved about PF Chang’s – the topping sauces really are fun.

I served the beef and noodle puffs on a platter, the lettuce in a separate dish, and the topping sauces in individual cups.

To make: add the beef mixture and noodles to a leaf of lettuce. Top with your choice of sauces. Roll up and enjoy!



Domino’s Gluten Free Pizza Crust review, and an interview!


The news yesterday that Domino’s Pizza was now offering a gluten free pizza crust in all of its stores was met with celebration in my home! They are the first national pizza delivery chain to offer this. Pre-GF days, pizza had been my absolute favorite food. Nowadays, I make a pretty decent GF pizza – with quite a bit of work and time involved.

My family and I went out and picked up a few of the new gluten free pizzas last night from the Domino’s located in Pampa, Texas. We took them to a nearby park to enjoy. They tasted fantastic – crisp crust, the savory Domino’s pizza sauce, and that pizza-oven taste that home ovens just cannot duplicate. My GF son told me it was the best pizza he had ever had. I heard exclamations like, “Mom, finally I know what REAL pizza tastes like!” As most of you know, he has been GF since the age of 3; he is now 10. This was a pretty big event for all of us.

(photo credit: Domino’s Pizza)

Domino’s pretty clearly states up front that, due to potential cross-contamination issues, this pizza was not recommended for those with Celiac Disease. 3rd party testing had shown most results were well below 20 ppm for gluten, and Domino’s garnered an Amber Rating from the National Foundation for Celiac Awareness (NFCA). This means the ingredients are verified gluten free and staff has been trained, but kitchen practices may vary.

Really, this didn’t surprise me – at many restaurants where I dine, there is similar fine print on the bottom of the gluten free menus. What DID surprise me, however, was the negative reactions of some of my gluten free peers. Their worry is that Celiacs will unknowingly consume gluten. I feel that Domino’s is doing an excellent job in clearly stating everywhere that cross-contamination is possible. Their press release, YouTube video, even when you click the button to order a gluten free crust all warn consumers about the potential for cross contamination. I call this responsible communication, and I appreciate it.

After my hands-on experience with the pizza, I contacted Domino’s to ask a few things. I spoke with Chris Brandon, Spokesperson for Domino’s, and he was very helpful with answering my questions.


GLUTENVYGIRL: Why did your company decide to create a gluten free pizza crust?
CHRIS BRANDON, DOMINO’S SPOKESPERSON: We created it for the 18 million people living with gluten sensitivities. The first thing we wanted to do was to do our homework. We wanted to be as educated, open, and informative as possible. We partnered with the National Foundation for Celiac Awareness (NFCA) to do so. We also wanted to keep in mind WHO our product is for, as well as who it is NOT for.

GEG: What kind of employee training have you implemented with regards to this product?
DOMINO’S: Education. This is our first time developing a product like this, and all team members have been educated about handling the gluten free crusts. We want this executed well, like any pilot that we do. We made sure team members knew how to execute this and do it right.

GEG: I read that you had independent 3rd party testing and the pizza tested less that 20ppm (parts per million) of gluten. Was this testing done in an independent kitchen, or in a standard Domino’s Pizza kitchen?
DOMINO’S: Most product testing tested far less than 20ppm. The testing was done in a shared kitchen, on standard Domino’s equipment at stores across the country. We actually did an additional round of testing as well, just to make sure we were getting a good sample. With the Amber Designation from NFCA, it isn’t enough to be safe for those with Celiac.

GEG: Do you have plans for other gluten free items in the future?
DOMINO’S: Currently, we are waiting to see – we want to do what helps the consumers, what tastes good, and what this audience wants from us. We want to be very clear about who this product is for and who it is not.

GEG: Is there anything else that you would like readers to know?
DOMINO’S: In partnership with the NFCA, we are pleased to be offering this choice for the gluten free consumer. We know it is a rising need. We are proud of the gluten free crust that we are now offering. We will continue to ensure the best we can that we make consumers aware of who it is recommended for and who it is not.


A few more notes:
Domino’s gluten free crusts are available in one size – small, 10-inch crusts.
The GF crusts, as with all their crusts, are delivered directly from a supplier.
Pizza toppings are not all gluten free; use caution when selecting your toppings.
If you have Celiac Disease, this is not the product for you.
Exercise your judgement when it comes to the potential for cross-contamination and how it could affect your own gluten intolerance or sensitivity.


A big thank you to Chris Brandon with Domino’s for taking the time today to chat with me! I really appreciate this company, and I look forward to enjoying this pizza again (& again) in the future!

Domino's Pizza on Urbanspoon

Bacon Guacamole



My inspiration for this recipe came as I was sitting in my living room watching tv. No joke.

This weekend, I was watching a show about Kevin Bacon and his family tree. I also happened to be wishing I had some guacamole. I know. See where this is going, don’t you?

Thinking about how cool the last name Bacon must be.

Guacamole would be so great right now.

Bacon is such a yummy last name. And funny.

But not as funny as a last name of Guacamole might be.

Hey! I could make guacamole and add bacon! Yum. A perfect marriage! I bet his wife Kyra Sedgwick wouldn’t even be jealous! I can’t believe no one has thought of this!

Alas. Someone had. Many someones.
A quick Internet query had broken the news: my original idea was, yet again, already invented. Invented and known by, apparently, pretty much everyone but me…

I know, I know. Nothing new under the sun. But that doesn’t stop me (and a lot of other people) from hoping and trying.

So anyways. I went with it and just made my guac like I normally do, and added some crispy bacon. Flavor overload! This is my way of doing bacon guac.


To start:
Fry up 6 or 7 slices of your favorite bacon until crispy. Pat them dry.
Eat 1 slice to make sure it’s up to par. Quality control, is what my mom calls this.
Chop coarsely the remaining 5-6 slices.

Take the diced Roma tomatoes, diced sweet onion, and chopped garlic cloves and combine it all in a large bowl. Add salt, and add the lime juice to all of it. Stir in the chopped cilantro.


Stir it all up and let it rest while you seed and chop the avocados. Add the avocado and stir to your preferred texture.

I like mine with bites of whole avocado, so I reserve the last avocado and cut it like this inside it’s shell before I gently fold it in.

Coarsely chop the bacon and stir it into the mixture, reserving one chopped slice for garnish.

The ingredients and amounts I use (please use your own preferred amounts for guac – this is just as a guideline). Also…this recipe makes a lot, so feel free to reduce the quantities.

2 Roma tomatoes, diced
1/4 C diced sweet onion (I used a Vidalia)
1-2 jalepenos, chopped finely
3 garlic cloves, chopped finely
1/2 bunch of fresh cilantro, chopped
1 tsp kosher salt
1 small lime
6 slices of bacon
6 small avocados

Next time you make guac, try adding some bacon!

Gluten Free Vidalia & Shiitake Petite Tarts



Vidalia onions are in season! Also, if you’re a regular reader, you realize that I love mushrooms. I decided to pair these two ingredients for a little bite size spring snack, incorporating almond flour and cream cheese. Because, well, I am a sucker for bite size elegant little snacks. I admit it!
I’ve made similar mini tarts before; they’re versatile and the base can be used for any cute snack, be it sweet or savory.
I used three kinds of mushrooms: shiitake, cremini (baby bellas), and standard white button. This would work great for any mushrooms that you prefer – but I am partial to my shiitakes. :)


Preheat oven to 325F.

For the shells:
Using softened cream cheese and butter, cream them together in a mixer with the almond flour. Note: I used Gluten Free Mama’s Almond Flour. Prepare two mini muffin pans. Divide the sticky dough into 24 little balls and place one in each well of the pan.
Press each little ball into the tin and up the sides. It doesn’t have to be perfect!


For the onion/mushroom mixture:
Sauté the chopped onion with butter until translucent. Add the chopped mushrooms and cook over medium heat until they’ve released their liquid and cooked down; about 15 minutes. Add in the minced garlic, salt, and thyme. Stir and cook a few minutes until fragrant.


Divide the mushroom mixture evenly into the wells of the pan atop the dough. Bake at 325F for 25 minutes. It will be done when the shells have started to turn golden. Remove from pan to cooling rack. Top each one with shaved parmigiano and serve.


For the shells:
4 oz cream cheese, softened
8 oz butter, softened
1 C almond flour (I used Gluten Free Mama’s Almond Flour)
For the onion/mushroom mixture:
4 oz butter
1 large Vidalia onion
12 oz assorted mushrooms, chopped (I used 4 oz each of shiitake, cremini, and button)
1/2 tsp kosher salt
3/4 tsp dried thyme
1 garlic clove, minced
Parmigiano-Reggiano, shaved for garnish


Da Luciano’s Italian Restaurant: glutenvygirl on the road


Do you remember what it was like, eating out and not having to worry about allergies or celiac or food sensitivities or intolerances or checking with the managers and chefs about cross-contamination issues and ingredients and such? I vaguely do. Vaguely.

I was reminded of that rather carefree kind of dining experience earlier this month, when I was in Chicago for the Nourished Food Blogger Conference and GFAF Expo. I met up with a native-Chicagoan friend who graciously drove us from the airport to the hotel and then to this incredible Italian restaurant.

Da Luciano's gluten free path began when four of the owner's seven kids were diagnosed as having celiac disease. Can you imagine? Bread, pasta, breaded meats, Italian food…all those gluten-laden foods suddenly were off the table! They tell more of their gluten free story here.

I am going to try really hard not to gush. I learned recently at a food blogger conference that gushing is not the best way to do a restaurant review, so I shall give it my most valiant effort to avoid all things gushy. Note to self: Perhaps I should have selected another restaurant to review today…this one is totally gush-worthy.

The servers were very attentive. The place was obviously well-run. Diners consisted of smiling whispering couples, groups of laughing friends, as well as a few families with young children. The atmosphere was relaxed yet professional. ;The dance of visible anticipation, excited impatience, and finally the contented satiety was replayed over and over throughout the restaurant at each and every table. I had the distinct sense that these diners had been here many times before. We dined on Fried Mozzarella Wedges, Garlic Bread, and Mushroom Pizza. All gluten free, and all foods that I was shocked to find gluten free. It was fantastic! Every single item was incredible (stop gushing, self!). Okay. Just, try it. Go. Now. DO IT. Myself, I am dreaming up reasons and excuses that my husband would believe in order to fly my whole family up there from Texas just for dinner.

We also had the delicious gluten free cannoli…I was so enamored with the whole sensory experience of the dinner that I forgot to grab a photo first (in other words, I totally ditched my readers to dive head first into the first authentic cannoli that I have had in ages. True story. And I am not even the teensiest bit sorry. You can't really blame me, can you?). Okay, I am gushing. I know. I also purchased some of their dried gluten free pasta and toted it home in my luggage. Loving it! I recently posted a recipe using their anellini pasta in a buttery garlic-herb sauce.

I am still I'm shock this incredible food was gluten free. We enjoyed many gluten free restaurants and dining experiences while in Chicago, but this one was my absolute favorite! Their full gluten free menu is located here. If you are anywhere in the vicinity, I highly recommend Da Luciano's. They are located in the River Grove area of Chicago.

DA Luciano Pizza Pasta & Cater on Urbanspoon

New Awards!


I am once again the lucky recipient of some peer-chosen awards! I’m so thrilled to be able to accept these! A great BIG thank you to my sweet nominators! Now, are you ready? Tuxes and formal wear donned and all that good stuff? Let’s do this.

After each award, I’ll list the bloggers that I nominate for each award. I had so many fantastic peers to choose from; this has taken me days and days to carefully consider and to actually write. There are many that I haven’t listed here who should get an award; I hope to remedy this on the next go round. Please check out the ones who nominated me, and those I nominated! If you are nominated, feel free to accept the award and pass it on!


I was nominated for the Versatile Blogger award by Ruth at Pulchra Doctrina.

The Versatile Blogger award is given to those bloggers who are able to adapt and roll with changes and topics on their blogs. I am please to nominate these bloggers for the Versatile Blogger Award:

Gluten Free We Will Be
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Baker Bettie


I was nominated for Two Sunshine Awards, from Truthlets and Thoughtbits and Joe at Joe’s Primal Scream.

The Sunshine Award is given to those who creatively and positively inspire others in the blogosphere.
For The Sunshine Award, I nominate:
Humble Feast
Farmgirl Sensibilities
Pulchra Doctrina
Gracefully Gluten Free


I was nominated for The Kreativ Blogger Award by Foodashion.

The Kreativ Blogger Award is for those bloggers who exhibit tons of creativity in their posts and the way they write. my nominations are:

Mom Vs Chaos
Blue Jelly Beans
Cold Dead Heart
Truthlets and Thoughtbits


I received the 7×7 Link Award from Tanya at Humble Feast

For the 7 x 7 Award, the rules are a bit different (which is why I like this one the best I think). You place 7 of your posts in the listed categories, and then nominate 7 peers. Here are links to my posts that I think fit in the following 7 categories:

Most beautiful piece: Cashew Butter Strawberry Bites (these went on to WIN Velvet Aroma‘s My Gourmet Valentine contest!)
Most helpful piece: Gift Ideas for those who are gluten free.
Most popular piece: This varies, but I’ll say The Man Trip or Lemon Cornmeal Cookies.
Most controversial piece: Hmm. As a food blogger, I don’t tend towards very controversial topics. The best I can offer is one that I got a tacky “OMG YOU EAT MEAT!” comment on and hope that will suffice. I’m not exactly controversial. (yet…) Roast With Winter Vegetables in Slow Cooker.
Most surprisingly successful piece: How To Roast Poblano Peppers
Most underrated piece: GF Cream of Mushroom Soup. This is one of my favorite recipes!
Most pride worthy piece: On Grief, Loss, Death, and Judgment. I suppose it’s funny that my most pride-worthy post on my food blog isn’t really about food at all!

The 7 blogging peers that I nominate for this award are as follows:
Hodgepodge 4 the Soul
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Joe’s Primal Scream
Cat Forsley
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So, now I’m off to notify everyone! It may take ages and ages…
Thanks so much for reading! <3

Simple Buttery GF Basil-Parm Roasted Garlic Pasta



Anellini pasta. Isn’t it cute?

Today, I am sharing a buttery gluten free pasta recipe with you. But first? Let me tell you about my kitchen screw up last night.

Sometimes things just go wrong. Very very wrong.

I spent hours yesterday preparing dinner for my family. I was pretty proud, as I’ve developed a cold since returning home from the food blogger conference in Chicago but I was sucking it up and getting back into the swing of things here. Roasted the garlic first. Baked up some gluten free bread. Made homemade mashed potatoes to bake right before serving. Created a simple fresh GF pasta recipe. Threw together chocolate coconut ice cream (similar to this one I often make, with the addition of coconut milk) in my mixer. Oh, and a pork roast.

And not just any pork roast.

A pork roast that I had carefully thawed in the refrigerator a day ahead (we often get meats in bulk, whole or half animals processed and frozen). I then removed the paper wrappings and plastic wrapping and lovingly rubbed the freshly roasted garlic into the top and coated with cracked black pepper, covered it and then returned it to the fridge for a few more hours. Turned the oven on and slow baked that baby for hours.

I had it all planned out. The timing was stellar. Everything would be ready for dinner and the ice cream would be just hitting the ripening stage at the end of dinner. As I smugly plated up the pasta (congratulating myself on such impeccable timing), my husband began to slice the roast.

The roasted garlic and black pepper came off in one large sheet of melted crumbled plastic. He held it between two fingers, looking at me quizzically. “Huh?” My dad would have called it the RCA Dog look.

I’d apparently overlooked the second wrapping of plastic. Not only overlooked it, but I’d seasoned and rubbed the heck out of it.

I blame my not noticing the stench of melting plastic earlier on my stuffy nose.

I blame overlooking the plastic on sheer stupidity.

So there you have it.

Instead of sharing with you what might’ve been a fabulous pork roast recipe featuring a paste of roasted garlic and fresh cracked black pepper roasted in a slow oven, I believe I’ll share the pasta dish.

Oh. One more thing. My husband tasted the roast. He said it was delicious. I’m not taking his word for it, because I find his preferences kinda suspect*. After all, he voluntarily eats things that have plastic melted into them!

*He also drinks coffee with grounds stirred into it instead of brewed when that’s what his non-coffee-drinking new wife serves him, so there is that (he was so relieved when I bought a Keurig). He’s a good guy.

One of the dishes that actually turned out truly delectable (and plastic-free!):

GF Basil-Parm Roasted Garlic Pasta

(amounts of your choosing – this is a simple dish with few ingredients)

Small pasta or rice of your choice
Fresh basil, chopped
Roasted garlic cloves (learn how to roast garlic here)
Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese, grated
Salt & Pepper

I used GF anellini pasta from Da Luciano’s, an amazing Italian restaurant in Chicago. Here are a few photos of the delectable GF food I had there.

Cook pasta according to directions. Drain. Return to heat and add butter. I used about 4T butter to 8 dry oz of pasta. Stir as it melts.
Add in roasted garlic – I used a whole head, fresh chopped basil, and grated Parmigiano. Stir. Add in a bit of salt and pepper to taste; I used about 1/2 teaspoon each. Garnish with a basil leaf, if desired. Serve.