pizzeria-style gluten free cheese breadsticks

My first challenge was suggested by my son: to create some GF cheese breadsticks, like they make at a local pizzeria.

I started with King Arthur pizza crust mix, since I had some on hand. I have had good luck with this crust mix. Following the directions on the package, I got the pizza crusts prepared and baked. The mix makes two. Then, I brushed on a lot of butter over each crust with a pastry brush, then topped with garlic powder. Finally, a large amount of mozzarella was added, and the crusts were baked. I sliced them into sticks…they were very good!



King Arthur Pizza Crust Mix

Yeast packet (included in mix)

3 eggs

4 T oil

1 1/2 cups soymilk

1/2 cup butter, melted

2 T garlic powder

4 cups mozzarella


Follow directions on package. After crusts have risen the second time, and then baked, brush both with the melted butter. Sprinkle with garlic powder and top with cheese. Continue baking according to package directions. Slice up into breadsticks; serve with your favorite dips.

Here we go.


I LOVE BREAD. Man cannot live on bread alone? I’ve spent my whole life trying to prove otherwise.
In 2005 my son was placed on a GF diet, and I recieved a crash course in re-learning how to cook, bake, craft, dine out, and shop for my family. We were a split household – I blended cooking GF for my kiddo while still providing the bread and gluten items for those who wanted them (okay, okay, I wasn’t willing to give up my artisan homemade fresh baked bread).
November 2011, I decided to make to HUGE leap of choosing to go completely GF in the kitchen and elsewhere – for numerous reasons, including simplification of preparing meals and also for my own health reasons. It is an experiment. So, here we go