My Velvet Aroma Contest Winnings!


So…remember the contest I won with the help of my wonderful friends and readers? You know. This one, over at Velvet Aroma.
Well…I’ve received all the prizes now! I’ve been so excited. I thought I’d share some photos of my winnings here!

Check this out:


A lovely gourmet foodie gift set from Love With Food, a $100 gift card from Williams-Sonoma – and the ice cream maker attachment that I purchased with it, and recently the KitchenAid 2-speed hand blender sent direct from KitchenAid arrived!

I think I am the luckiest girl in the universe. :)
It was my first contest ever, and I was so incredibly thrilled with coming in first place! A huge thank you again to all who voted for me! <3

Be sure to check out the sponsor, Velvet Aroma – it is a great site to organize recipes and photos from your favorite online sources!


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4 Responses to My Velvet Aroma Contest Winnings!

  1. The Passionate Culinarian had this to say about that:

    Alright. Now show us the goods, GG! I am looking forward to seeing the wonders you create and the culinary tales you will spin and share with these new tools!

    :) Rock on, GG!

  2. gracefullygf had this to say about that:

    Awesome! I’ve been dying for a hand blender. Looking forward to see what you create with your new toys! :)

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