My Favorites

I have quite a few favorites, so I am gathering them all up and placing them in this easy-to-access place. I will continuously update this page as I have time to add products and as I discover new things.

Gluten Free Cookbooks
Blackbird Bakery by Karen Morgan. Desserts and pastries. I recently attended a conference where the author spoke on recipe development, and she is truly a master with an extensive knowledge of gluten free baking and the different type of gf flours. Reading and cooking from this cookbook, you get the feeling that you are learning from someone dedicated to creating the most delectable foods and recipes that can be had with butter, milk, eggs, and gluten free flours. Readers of this cookbook are in the hands of a pro.

Bread Mix
King Arthur Flour makes a great GF bread mix. It makes a wonderful bread, we like to toast it for sanwiches. They have directions on oven-baking it, but I have also made it in my bread machine with good results. I have this available in my Amazon store.

Gluten Free Cafe Lemon Sesame Bars. Oh my. Lemon and flax seed and snacky goodness.


One Response to My Favorites

  1. BILL had this to say about that:

    Just found your wonderful site.
    was googleing “how to roast poblano peppers” and found you.
    I am retired, love to cook, and growing fresh herbs for the first time.
    i need help here.
    when to pick, and how to preserve:
    english tyme
    lemon tyme
    lemon balm

    thank you

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