Here we go.


I LOVE BREAD. Man cannot live on bread alone? I’ve spent my whole life trying to prove otherwise.
In 2005 my son was placed on a GF diet, and I recieved a crash course in re-learning how to cook, bake, craft, dine out, and shop for my family. We were a split household – I blended cooking GF for my kiddo while still providing the bread and gluten items for those who wanted them (okay, okay, I wasn’t willing to give up my artisan homemade fresh baked bread).
November 2011, I decided to make to HUGE leap of choosing to go completely GF in the kitchen and elsewhere – for numerous reasons, including simplification of preparing meals and also for my own health reasons. It is an experiment. So, here we go


3 Responses to Here we go.

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  2. Janelle had this to say about that:

    I think it’s so sweet you did this for yourself and your son. I think you’ll be amazed by the gluten free diet! 😀

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