Gluten free creativity?

I try to be creative in the kitchen. Well, to be more accurate, I don’t try…I just do. It just happens, and I go with it. I have fun, and I love what I do. I enjoy myself.

My family is quite used to this. They’re also very honest when it comes to discussing a new experiment’s success points or drawbacks. I don’t always enjoy the honesty at the time 😉 but overall it’s a good thing.

Lately, I’ve been doing a lot of spring rolls. I love them – naturally gluten free, chock full of veggies, and fun to make. So when I had two leftover rice wraps after prepping dinner one night, I decided to turn them into dessert. I added two slices of leftover French toast, chopped into 1-inch cubes. I drizzled the cubes with some sweetened condensed milk, and then rolled that all up in the spring rolls. I had NO CLUE how they’d work out. Half a dessert spring roll per person. I served them with hot syrup and some cherries. Everyone loved them. So this was good. Yay for experimenting!

A few nights ago, I was heating up some coconut oil in my big heavy enameled cast iron pot. I was going to fry chicken, with my fantastic gf flour mix. My family thinks it tastes better than KFC’s (the ones who remember the taste of it, anyways).

I couldn’t find my relatively new meat thermometer, to keep check on the temps, so I decided to use my candy thermometer to keep a steady temp on the coconut oil. I clipped it onto the cast iron. Creative, right? Yeah…I thought so…

I wound up frying the whole darn thermometer. It popped off the clip and slid into the hot oil, which then started bubbling and foaming. The plastic top melted into bright yellow goo, staining the oil with it’s cheerful sunny color. Yuck. Threw the whole mess away.

I ended up baking the chicken. Guess I need to buy a couple more thermometers now.

My kitchen creativity is definitely showing on the negative side lately. I need to knock a few out of the park soon to balance the scale!

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