Easy Icing for sandwich cookies, using coconut oil



This is my favorite go-to icing to make cookie sandwiches. It’s gluten free, and can easily be made milk free as well, by using plain soymilk or almond milk in lieu of the milk.

I use coconut oil in place of what is often used – shortening. Coconut oil is fantastic as a substitute, but if you cannot find it feel free to use shortening.

Directions & Ingredients:
Using a mixer, cream together 1/2 cup of coconut oil, 2 teaspoons of vanilla, and 2 tablespoons of cold milk/soymilk.
Add 3 cups of powdered sugar and mix thoroughly.
Place icing in the refrigerator for ten minutes or so, to firm up. It’s much easier to work with!

Use this to ice cookies, make cookie sandwiches, top your favorite gf sugar cookies or use to decorate cupcakes.


1/2 C coconut oil
2 tsp vanilla
2 T cold milk/soymilk
3 C powdered sugar

Notes about coconut oil: coconut oil is solid at 75F and below. It melts to the touch and at a higher temp. This makes it very well suited to lotion bars as well! But for cooking purposes, it’s why I recommend the refrigeration time after mixing. The cookies you make using this icing should be fine at room temps – unless your fireplace is cracking high and it is over 75, in which case you should keep it in the refrigerator.

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One Response to Easy Icing for sandwich cookies, using coconut oil

  1. Homemade For Friends had this to say about that:

    What a fantastic recipe! There are so many great gluten-free cookie recipes out there, but not a lot of options for icing. This one sounds delicious! Thanks for sharing!
    ~ Melissa

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