Chorizo Stuffed Peppers! Guest Blog 3 by Joe’s Primal Scream


Hi! I am sitting in the airport, waiting to board the plane to head to the conference and expo. As the remodel of my blog continues (can’t you just hear the loud sounds of the jackhammers?!), I have another guest blog post for you. This one comes from my friend Joe over at Joe’s Primal Scream. I’m super excited that he’s chosen this recipe to share with you! He’s very funny, thought-provoking, and he creates some delicious gluten free recipes.

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Chorizo Stuffed Bell Peppers

2 lbs ground beef
1 lb chorizo
1 large onion chopped
4 green onions chopped fine
3 cloves garlic, minced
2 cups cauliflower rice
1 cup sour cream
1 cup mozzarella cheese
6 bell peppers
2 tsp pepper
2 tsp salt
2 tsp garlic powder
1 cup of diced tomatoes

1) Prepare the peppers. You can either cut the tops off the peppers or, as I have done, slice them in half and clean out the insides. For me this is easier because none of them fall over. Set to the side

2) In a large sauce pan combine the ground beef, the chorizo, the garlic and the onions and cook until the ground beef is browned and the onions are transparent. Remove from heat.

3) Add the sour cream, cauliflower rice, cheese, tomatoes salt and pepper along with the chopped green onions and mix thoroughly.

4) Spoon into the peppers until they are slightly bulging and place in a 350 over for 35-45 minutes.

*NOTE from glutenvygirl: He also makes my absolute favorite burger. It happens to be paleo/primal. Check it out here! Trust me. Mushrooms are involved. Mmmm.


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7 Responses to Chorizo Stuffed Peppers! Guest Blog 3 by Joe’s Primal Scream

  1. Sara had this to say about that:

    I LOOOOVE stuffed peppers! looks fantastic!

  2. Joe had this to say about that:

    This may be your best post ever 😉

    Cauliflower rice is simply cauliflower used instead of rice, since I don’t eat rice or grain. You either put it through a ricer or a food processor and then put it in a covered dish, microwave it for 3-6 minutes, stirring once. And then you have an excellent rice subsitute

    • Ashley had this to say about that:

      Awesome thanks! Also, did you see that Udi’s bread tweeted this recipe/post today? Nice going guys!

      • glutenvygirl had this to say about that:

        That’s so great, Ashley. Thanks for the heads up!! And for the excellent question! <3

    • glutenvygirl had this to say about that:

      Ha Joe. I figured it must be pretty good, if you’re taking to time to actually comment. 😉

      Thanks for explaining the cauli rice!

  3. Ashley had this to say about that:

    These look so good! I love chorizo. I would probably know this if I ate Paleo, but what is cauliflower rice? I have a cauliflower at home right now…

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