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Thanksgiving Italian Soup – Allergy friendly

A leftover - based soup! I make some form of this soup multiple times each year. It's a great way to use leftover turkey (or chicken) in a way that is pretty distinct from the typical "Thanksgiving Day leftovers" taste. I love throwing it all in a slow cooker, but it works just as well in a pot simmering on the stovetop. Its fantastic when Continue reading the story "Thanksgiving Italian Soup – Allergy friendly"

Peppered Pork Roast with Rice (slow cooker)


20120404-082936.jpg I love slow cookers. I love how I can do a bit of prep work, and then my house smells delicious the entire day. Not to mention, of course, that the food turns into fall-apart goodness! I made this recently before a big storm hit. I'm in Texas, and we have had some pretty big storms lately. We are north Continue reading the story "Peppered Pork Roast with Rice (slow cooker)"

Roast with winter vegetables in slow cooker


20120120-193538.jpg I love winter vegetables, and the ease of throwing them into a slow cooker in the morning with a beef roast and basically not having to worry about dinner. I started with some assorted vegetables. NOTE: This is an easy way to test out a new vegetable - by including it in a dish that is familiar to your Continue reading the story "Roast with winter vegetables in slow cooker"