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Memories of my grandmothers, and potato casserole



I am obsessed with retro vintage sewing patterns. Obsessed. It is a relatively recent addition to the long list of my obsessions - and I blame this one squarely on the hard-working shoulders of my grandmothers. Every time I press my sewing machine into use (which is almost daily now), they both cross my mind. My obsession Continue reading the story "Memories of my grandmothers, and potato casserole"

Roasted Garlic Potatoes With Bacon


I love roasted potatoes! Garlic is an obsession for me. And I love bacon, of course. So when my son recently suggested adding bacon to my side dish staple of roasted garlic red potatoes, I was all over that. He helped with the prep as well, sweet boy. I love hearing his creative ideas and working together to turn them into reality! Continue reading the story "Roasted Garlic Potatoes With Bacon"

Simple Buttery GF Basil-Parm Roasted Garlic Pasta



Anellini pasta. Isn't it cute? Today, I am sharing a buttery gluten free pasta recipe with you. But first? Let me tell you about my kitchen screw up last night. Sometimes things just go wrong. Very very wrong. I spent hours yesterday preparing dinner for my family. I was pretty proud, as I've developed a cold since returning Continue reading the story "Simple Buttery GF Basil-Parm Roasted Garlic Pasta"

Grilled Bell Peppers



Grilled Bell Peppers. The aroma of grilled bells is unmistakable. Super easy, super pretty, super yummy. Soak wood skewers. Take 4 bell peppers (I used green, yellow, orange, and red) and remove seeds. Cut each pepper into squares.

20120118-161133.jpg Place pepper squares onto skewers. Grill. Yes. It is that easy. Continue reading the story "Grilled Bell Peppers"

Herbed buttery sliced potatoes and sunchokes


20120104-192000.jpg I bought sunchokes recently. I've always wanted to try them. So I figured why not try something new. I wasn't really sure what to do with them at first. I tasted a small piece. It was interesting, but not crying out for a specific treatment. I looked up recipes, and nothing really appealed to me. I didn't want to Continue reading the story "Herbed buttery sliced potatoes and sunchokes"