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Bacon-wrapped chicken & chokes


20131102-211257.jpg I LOVE fair food. With a passion. Unfortunately, most fair food is not gluten free. Recently while on a girls' trip to a fair, we discovered these tiny little yummy pieces of fair food perfection - and gluten free to boot! **NOTE: most fair food, even if gf naturally, is fried in the same oil as gluten-loaded chicken sticks Continue reading the story "Bacon-wrapped chicken & chokes"

Bacon Guacamole



My inspiration for this recipe came as I was sitting in my living room watching tv. No joke. This weekend, I was watching a show about Kevin Bacon and his family tree. I also happened to be wishing I had some guacamole. I know. See where this is going, don't you? Thinking about how cool the last name Continue reading the story "Bacon Guacamole"

Gluten Free Vidalia & Shiitake Petite Tarts



Vidalia onions are in season! Also, if you're a regular reader, you realize that I love mushrooms. I decided to pair these two ingredients for a little bite size spring snack, incorporating almond flour and cream cheese. Because, well, I am a sucker for bite size elegant little snacks. I admit it! I've made similar mini Continue reading the story "Gluten Free Vidalia & Shiitake Petite Tarts"

Make your own dipping oil



Since I am gluten free, there are some things I miss terribly. For instance. I love love love the oil served at some restaurants before the salad course. Love. You know. The oil they serve with warm crusty bread? That tastes terrific? I know you know what I am talking about. The stuff that you (I) can Continue reading the story "Make your own dipping oil"

Simple Speck & Asparagus 3-ingredient appetizer


20111231-111513.jpg I love asparagus. I love La Quercia Speck Americano. I love black pepper. And I adore simple appetizer recipes that take three ingredients, are super easy to make, and make an impressive presentation. Break off the ends of the asparagus. Steam the asparagus. In my steamer, this takes about 12 minutes.

Continue reading the story "Simple Speck & Asparagus 3-ingredient appetizer"

Easy baked Gluten-Free mozzarella sticks


20111231-100554.jpg I took string cheese sticks, cut each one into three sections, and then breaded them just like I did these pork chops. NOTE: after the butter-dip, I had to kind of press the breading onto the cheese sticks. They bread easily, but I found that by pressing the coating on the cheese, they held up better. I baked Continue reading the story "Easy baked Gluten-Free mozzarella sticks"

Prosciutto-Dill Petite Quiche



I absolutely love these mini quiches I created for a company holiday party. They were such a hit, so I made them for the Christmas meal as well this year. These are really pretty, easy to create, and fun little hors d'ouevre. It all started with some extraordinary prosciutto from La Quercia. This stuff is amazing. So Continue reading the story "Prosciutto-Dill Petite Quiche"

Hosting a wedding without a hitch


Well. There actually was a hitch...but it was the happy kind. 20111213-135224.jpg

I've had my hands full lately! One of my husband's employees was planning a wedding. He and his bride-to-be wanted a small personal ceremony. The date was set, rings and license purchased and all of that. Unfortunately, the wedding location fell through, and so I Continue reading the story "Hosting a wedding without a hitch"

Hot Wingettes, glutenvygirl Style


20111130-141129.jpg Cooler weather makes me want to heat things up in the kitchen. Whether that's slow-cooking a garlic roast all day, baking some spicy BBQ ribs, simmering a hot pot of delicious potato soup, whipping up some spicy chile rellenos, or even just simmering some lemon slices with cloves for scent, I crave warmth. It's not just the temperature increase I Continue reading the story "Hot Wingettes, glutenvygirl Style"

pizzeria-style gluten free cheese breadsticks

My first challenge was suggested by my son: to create some GF cheese breadsticks, like they make at a local pizzeria. I started with King Arthur pizza crust mix, since I had some on hand. I have had good luck with this crust mix. Following the directions on the package, I Continue reading the story "pizzeria-style gluten free cheese breadsticks"