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Of apples and horses (and cows)

The apple doesn't fall far from the tree.

20140520-090806-32886690.jpg Daisy Jane, 3 week old Jersey-Guernsey cross, insisting that ALL PHOTOS MUST BE OF HER ALONE. But what if it's a killer storm? And the wind is screaming? Some apples must fall in severe thunderstorms. The good storms, the loud storms, the ones with the wind howling and pushing everything Continue reading the story "Of apples and horses (and cows)"

Cheesy Tuna Casserole like Mom used to make…



...only different. This is a very cheesy, very mushroomy tuna casserole. But first, the backstory. I kind of lucked out in the mom department. And I'm kind of kicking myself for not thinking of posting this recipe and story for Mother's Day. Why do I always get the best ideas after the fact? Mom and I, either Continue reading the story "Cheesy Tuna Casserole like Mom used to make…"

A blogger’s kitchen bloopers


In trying to come up with a new idea for a recipe to post here (have a suggestion? Let me hear it!), I was looking through some of my past recipes and photos when a few mess-ups caught my eye. Before I delete them, I thought I'd share. Things aren't always perfect in this gluten free kitchen of mine - though I am a self-admitted Continue reading the story "A blogger’s kitchen bloopers"

My Velvet Aroma Contest Winnings!


So...remember the contest I won with the help of my wonderful friends and readers? You know. This one, over at Velvet Aroma. Well...I've received all the prizes now! I've been so excited. I thought I'd share some photos of my winnings here! Check this out:

20120318-085850.jpg A lovely gourmet foodie gift set from Love With Food, a $100 Continue reading the story "My Velvet Aroma Contest Winnings!"

On grief, death, loss, and judgement


This week, I haven't been around a lot, on here or online in general. I've had much on my mind, and this has tended to occupy the majority of my scattered waking thoughts lately.


Specifically, death. Death and grief.


Recently, a sweet friend of mine lost her husband to cancer. My heart breaks for her - in some big ways, as well as in a million Continue reading the story "On grief, death, loss, and judgement"

The Man Trip


So, this weekend my husband and our two boys decided to go on a "man trip." They do this every once in a while. According to my boys, it's a trip just for guys, where they're allowed to consume gross non-Mom-approved junk food, to fart and belch, where they use neither their manners nor silverware, they do wild and crazy stuff, get covered in Continue reading the story "The Man Trip"

It’s okay to wait til the last minute to buy gifts. Right?



And here is why I am waiting until the last minute to buy Christmas gifts this year. 1. It's easier for me to sweep up pine needles under the tree if there are no gifts there. 2. I am much more creative when I'm pressed for time and it's the last minute. I become Continue reading the story "It’s okay to wait til the last minute to buy gifts. Right?"

The best blog spam I’ve gotten so far.


Some of my delicious spam!

  One of the best things about having a blog is all the spam I get. WordPress' Askimet hides it for me, but I try to look it over once in a while to make sure no legitimate comments were flagged. Lately, it has been the spam that has Continue reading the story "The best blog spam I’ve gotten so far."

My Gluten-Free Progress Report: Month 1



On December 12, it will have been an entire month of going gluten-free. What I've noticed: in general, I feel much better overall. My energy levels seem to be nudging up. This is excellent. My joint pain has become virtually non-existent. The auto-immune issue I had been having with my eyes (specifically, my tear ducts) has all but Continue reading the story "My Gluten-Free Progress Report: Month 1"

This isn’t fun anymore.



Bye bye bread flour! No bread was harmed in the creating of this post. None was baked, either. This isn't fun anymore. You know. This whole going-gluten-free-thing. There are a lot of gluten-containing foods that I'm missing right now, ever since going gluten-free earlier this month. It hasn't been a full entire week, not even a FULL Continue reading the story "This isn’t fun anymore."