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Stocked Fridge in a Small Town



After a recent trip to the grocery store, this is what my fridge looks like. Perfect? No. Far from perfect. I live in a small town. My nearest Whole Foods store is 4 hours away. The nearest chain discount-type big store (that I despise and so I won't even mention their name but it rhymes with Fall-Apart) Continue reading the story "Stocked Fridge in a Small Town"

Your 1st (gluten-free) trip to the grocery store



The first trip to the grocer's after being told you cannot have gluten can be a bit intimidating. Or, a lot intimidating. "Gluten? The protein in wheat is EVERYWHERE! Where do I start?! This is SO impossible!" ~Me, seven years ago. Possibly with some dramatic flourishes thrown in. Foot stomps. A few tears? I've mostly blocked Continue reading the story "Your 1st (gluten-free) trip to the grocery store"