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My Velvet Aroma Contest Winnings!


So...remember the contest I won with the help of my wonderful friends and readers? You know. This one, over at Velvet Aroma. Well...I've received all the prizes now! I've been so excited. I thought I'd share some photos of my winnings here! Check this out:

20120318-085850.jpg A lovely gourmet foodie gift set from Love With Food, a $100 Continue reading the story "My Velvet Aroma Contest Winnings!"

Thank You For the Votes!


A huge THANK YOU to everyone who voted for my recipe over at Velvet Aroma! And a special THANK YOU to those of you who voted every 4 hours! ;) The votes were tallied up, and I WON! This was the first contest ever for me...and I may have gone Continue reading the story "Thank You For the Votes!"

Vote for me!



Remember this recipe? I am so excited! It is a part of Velvet Aroma's My Gourmet Valentine contest! I entered in my recipe for gluten free Cashew Butter Chocolate Strawberry Bites and I'm doing great in the contest! I am currently in 2nd place! You can vote for my Cashew Butter Chocolate Strawberry Bites here. There Continue reading the story "Vote for me!"