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New Awards!


I am once again the lucky recipient of some peer-chosen awards! I'm so thrilled to be able to accept these! A great BIG thank you to my sweet nominators! Now, are you ready? Tuxes and formal wear donned and all that good stuff? Let's do this. After each award, I'll list the bloggers that I nominate for each award. I had so many fantastic peers Continue reading the story "New Awards!"

Thank you! Awards Received


I've been away for a bit, due to some family events, happenings, illnesses, as well as vacations. Well, I'm back! And now, to start things off right, I have a bunch of awards to tell you about! I've been nominated for quite a few awards; as a novice blogger who is new to the scene, this absolutely blows my mind! A huge THANK YOU to my Continue reading the story "Thank you! Awards Received"