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Welcome to glutenvygirl.com! Join me as I stumble around, reading books, learning, and attempting to simultaneously create gluten-free deliciousness as well as quick easy ways to feed my family.

Gluten Free details:

In 2005 my son was diagnosed with autism and our wonderful physician placed him on a GF diet after some blood tests. In addition to a fast introduction into therapies and treatments, I received a crash course in re-learning how to cook, bake, craft, dine out, and shop for my family. Nutritionally, we were a split household – I blended cooking GF for my kiddo while still providing the bread and gluten items for those who wanted them (okay, okay, I wasn’t willing to give up my artisan homemade fresh baked bread or any of the other gluten-filled foods that I ate daily. At every meal. Often as the main portion of my meal). I educated myself quite extensively as to food safety and cross-contamination. It was a lot of work, but worth it. Out of all the many things we did in regards to the autism, I think it was definitely one of the most positively influential.

November 2011, I decided to make the HUGE leap of choosing to go completely GF in the kitchen and elsewhere – for numerous reasons, including simplification of preparing meals and also for my own health reasons – I was suffering from horrendous migraines, rheumatoid arthritis-like joint pain, and some other not-so-fun issues. I’m happy to say that for the most part, my health issues have all but disappeared…so far (knock on wood). No one was more surprised that I was (I actually started it just to prove to my husband that I WAS NOT SENSITIVE to gluten. Whoops).

Note: I was secretly hoping that by going gluten-free, I’d put THAT to rest. I was quite certain that gluten wasn’t affecting me negatively. Much to my surprise, I had a flare up and became quite ill again at the end of the month when I had some gluten. I love my health more than I love my gluten. Also, again to my surprise, prepared gluten free foods and baking products have come a LONG way.

December 2011, after one month gluten-free, I began lessening my overall grains, sugar, and additives as well as trying to begin limiting our overall intake of processed foods. I’m also starting to focusing on whole foods and organic foods.

About me:

I love to cook, bake, garden, eat out, try new foods, and make ginormous messes in the kitchen that I detest cleaning up after. My creativity sometimes makes for some incredible recipes and just as incredible kitchen disasters. I live in a small Texas town. I love to grow vegetables and herbs, I am currently remodeling my 1964 tin can trailer, and I adore vintage aprons.

I am a little bit feisty, a little bit fiery, a little bit spunky, a little bit of everything, all rolled into… wait wait wait, this is beginning to sound too much like a Meredith Brooks song. Alas. I am a generally happy girl in a generally happy kitchen with a generally happy blog. Any questions? Ask away. I am a blogger. I love comments and questions!


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  1. Janet Abercrombie had this to say about that:

    I love the new look of your site. It looks like you went to self-hosting with a Thesis theme. Is that correct?

    Can I ask you more questions about the process (I’m looking to do the same soon). If you don’t mind chatting about the process, please email me :).

    Janet | expateducator.com

  2. Amy Lundeberg had this to say about that:

    Hi there! I have nominated you for both the Sunshine Award and the Genuine Blogger Award. I know these things are like chain mail and require “homework”, but I just want you to know that I enjoy what you write and that you deserve to be recognized for it.

  3. Mark had this to say about that:

    Thank you for reading and the "Like of my post.

  4. Loucinda had this to say about that:

    Your site is awesome! We just started Ashlin's site a couple of days ago and were surprised you found us (I'm muddling through this adventure!).  It's getting bigger day by day.  Thank you, thank you!


    • glutenvygirl had this to say about that:

      Hi! I regularly look over blogs tagged “gluten free” to see what’s out there and what’s new! You caught my eye because my son is the same age as your kiddo – he’s been clamoring to start a blog. I haven’t said yes yet, but I am considering it… I am very interested to see how you all do it. :)
      At the moment though, he’s more interested in seeing if he can build video games and things on it, opposed to GF stuff. :)

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  6. Nicole had this to say about that:

    What a great blog!  I LOVE that you started "to prove to your husband you were not sensitive"!  LOL!  It really is amazing how many "little" things can be wrong with you from one ingredient!  I look forward to more posts!  :)

    • glutenvygirl had this to say about that:

      Thank you, Nicole! It has been interesting:) I’m enjoying your blog as well! Thanks so much for stopping by!

  7. Ruth Green had this to say about that:

    Hi there  I have nominated you for the VERSATILE BLOGGER AWARD.
    Details : http://pulchradoctrina.wordpress.com/versatile-blogger-award/

  8. PrimalJoe had this to say about that:

    You and your wonderful blog have been nominated for a Sunshine Award. I thoroughly enjoy reading your experiences and your recipes!

    Keep up the great work geg!


  9. Crunchy Cook had this to say about that:

    Always nice to find another gluten-free blogger. :)


    • glutenvygirl had this to say about that:

      Hi Kelsey! Thanks so much for stopping by! :)

      • Crunchy Cook had this to say about that:

        I’m glad that I stumbled across your blog today. I found it through Gracefully Gluten-Free’s Facebook page. I only started my own blog in January, so I haven’t found a lot of other gluten-free bloggers yet (even though I know there are a lot out there). So it’s nice to meet my blogging neighbors. :)


  10. alundeberg had this to say about that:

    Wow, I don’t know if I could go gluten-free; I love grains too much. What a challenge though to learn how to cook all over again! Thanks for the follow, and I look forward to trying some of your recipes (I can have a GF life on the side).

    • glutenvygirl had this to say about that:

      I did too…bread was my life.
      But you’d be surprised what I can give up when it comes down to my health and all;) I was having major issues, that have been alleviated for the most part.
      I love following other food bloggers; GF or otherwise. I’m glad to have stumbled across yours! Thanks for stopping by!

  11. chronicallybrave had this to say about that:

    So glad to know another GF-er! I have been dealing with this for over ten years now and still get envious of my loved ones eating anyway they want. But way to fight it! Look forward to reading more. Bunches!

    • glutenvygirl had this to say about that:

      It was a totally different world for me in a lot of ways. On the bright side (?), I have gotten MUCH better at knowing what products to purchase and what not to for my son – the soggy tasteless hamburger buns I’d been serving him for years were soon replaced with wonderful-tasting ones;)

      Thanks so much for stopping by!

  12. ohiocook had this to say about that:

    Thank you for reading and following my blog.

  13. Robin Jean Marie had this to say about that:

    Thanks for the follow, Gluenvygirl! I haven’t been diagnosed (in the traditional way), but I have been told to go gluten-free–and I must say that I do notice a positive difference in body when I stick to it! I’ve adapted several recipes on my site for gf–I’m happy to know about your site, too!

    • glutenvygirl had this to say about that:

      I was convinced I was fine on gluten – now that it is completely out of my system, if I happen to get some it tears me up.
      Thanks so much for stopping by! I look forward to reading more of your posts!:)

  14. pulchra doctrina had this to say about that:

    I love how you find a trail to treasure in this blog world :)
    Your site is a treasure! Thanks for sharing your Gluten Free world with us :)
    My daughter and I are both gluten free and our kitchen is often a mess with experimentation!
    I will curl up with a cup of tea when the kids are in bed and have a good read of your receipes! Can’t wait!! :)


  15. Bluejellybeans had this to say about that:

    Hi GG!
    I really like your blog, that’s why I’m passing along to you some awards and a meme. This was really fun for me; I hope you enjoy the experience too. But feel free to accept it or not and/or pass it along to others.
    Here’s the link, http://bluejellybeans.wordpress.com/2012/02/21/awards/
    Have a nice day :)

  16. Wade had this to say about that:

    I’ve not tried any of your recipes yet, but I plan on it – they look great! I had a friend who chose to drop gluten and he strongly recommended I consider it, too. It made a big change in how he feels on a daily basis, so I wanted to ask: How difficult of a transition was it for you? Is gluten particularly hard to avoid, or identify, in nutrition facts on labels? Any recommendations for someone contemplating the dive? :) I look forward to trying out some of your recipes soon!

    • glutenvygirl had this to say about that:

      Hey Wade!
      First/ I’m not a dr, but I’m happy to share my personal experience and advice.

      It was an awful transition for me, not gonna lie. It took about a month, and then a lot of my medical issues disappeared.
      Also, the other negative is that now that I am completely away from gluten, if I happen to accidentally ingest some it makes me ill for days.

      On the bright side, being without gluten has helped me tremendously. The best thing I can say is to try it for a month and see if you (or those around you) notice a difference.

      In general, many foods don’t contain gluten. Meats, vegetables, fruits, rice, things that are unprocessed. Focusing on the things you already make, an make adjustments to make them GF is also a good idea.

      The hardest thing for me is eating out. I have to ask a lot of questions about ingredients and such. It can be difficult to guard against cross-contamination.

      Something else I am finding interesting (but I’m not yet doing) is the Paleo-primal-ancestral-caveman diet. Natural organic foods, limited grains, no sugars.

      I think it’s easy to get overwhelmed by the gluten-free products. And, it has gotten so much easier over the years to know which products contain gluten, and the awareness has increased so much.

      There are also a lot of great sites out there, that have wonderful information about starting out! I can send you some of them, if you decide you are interested.

      Thanks for stopping by!

      • Paul Platt had this to say about that:

        KP Natural Supplements has a new gluten relief product on the market that works wonders for those that accidentally injest a reactive food.
        See: kpnaturalsupplements.com

  17. hodgepodge4thesoul had this to say about that:

    I love you blog, I know i will learn alot :)

  18. Bianca had this to say about that:

    Hello, I have nominated you for the Versatile Blog Award. For more information you can go to my blog http://glittertheair.wordpress.com/2012/01/25/versatile-blog-award-round-two/

  19. Ken had this to say about that:

    Hi ,
    Your first post just appeared on Urbanspoon! Check it out:
    I encourage you to claim your blog, which allows you to add a picture and change some settings. The blog photo shows up next to your posts wherever they appear on Urbanspoon. Here’s how to claim:
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    – Go to your blog page on our site: http://www.urbanspoon.com/br/46/6753/Oklahoma-City/glutenvygirl.html

    – Click “Claim your blog” in the left sidebar
    After you submit it, we may contact you to verify your claim. Check your spam email folder if your claim hasn’t gone through in a day or two. You’ll also find some interesting badges and widgets on your Urbanspoon blog page – look in the right sidebar.
    Let me know if you have any questions.

  20. Joanna had this to say about that:

    Thanks for stopping by my blog today. I have a daughter who can’t eat tomatoes, so I sympathise with your challenge. I think I’d find gluten-free harder, though!

    • glutenvygirl had this to say about that:

      Ah, tomatoes! I honestly think its hard going without ANY thing…it’s an adjustment, that’s for sure! When it’s for health reasons, that helps a lot :)
      Thank you for visiting!

  21. GlutenFreeBeer.org had this to say about that:

    Just because you are gluten free does not mean that you need to give up the “artisan homemade fresh baked bread”. We have been gluten free since ’07 and we make fresh bread all the time; with rice, tapioca, potato, teff and other flours. The pizza crust we make now is better than the crust we made before GFree. Start experimenting, it can be a lot of fun! :-)

  22. inspiredhealthcoach had this to say about that:

    Thanks for following my blog! Happy gluten-free cooking and baking… there are many more recipes and options available now.

  23. Ellen Beeton had this to say about that:

    I’ve been thinking about this too. I don’t think I have an allergy to gluten, but I’ve heard that I could probably feel better if I “quit” the glut!

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